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10/01/2012 - Crown Financial Ministries Announces Rebranding Initiative

Atlanta, Georgia – Crown Financial Ministries, the leading international ministry providing Bible-based education and training for personal finances, career development and business management, today announced a new logo and refreshed look as part of its corporate rebranding initiative. The brand was selected to better reflect the organization’s mission, vision and values, as well as to connect with a broader audience.

“Our new logo’s crown-shaped water splash signifies the life-transforming impact our ministry is having with our constituents,” explained Crown’s CEO, Chuck Bentley. “The outward-flowing ripples in our new logo illustrate the ongoing influence Christians exert in the world around them as they live out God’s unique design for their lives.”

In addition, the new tag line, “Do Well,” was unveiled as part of the rebranding initiative. Inspired by the well-known parable told by Jesus in Matthew 25, Crown chose this tag line to further reinforce its commitment to help people “Do Well” now—by faithfully stewarding their God-given gifts and talents in every dimension of their lives—so they can hear “Well done!” later.

“For more than 35 years, Crown has educated and mentored countless Christians around the globe to make the most of their God-given talents and resources no matter their stage of life,” said Crown President Robert Dickie III. “We’ll continue offering the same life-changing products and services, as well as many new and exciting initiatives now in the works, to help our constituents “Do Well” in today’s challenging economic environment.”

The full brand will roll out over the next several months. Crown’s flagship programs, such as God Provides™, Biblical Financial Study, MoneyLife™, Career Direct® and Business by the Book®,will continue to lead the charge in transforming individuals’ finances, careers and businesses. More information about Crown, its services and the ministry’s impact can be found online at

Crown Financial Ministries, a non-profit, helps people and businesses integrate their values into business practices, debt reduction, and financial decision-making. For more than 35 years, Crown has been offering economic analysis and advice based on timeless truths. Theirs is a strong, international grassroots organization with offices in the U.S. and overseas. Crown experts work one on one with individuals and business leaders, as well as through workshops and seminars, teaching people how to build on a strong foundation that includes the business principles and practices found in the Bible. It is well known for its cutting edge materials first developed by its founder, the late Larry Burkett.





Business by the Book Workshop 

by Larry Burkett & Howard Dayton


Larry Burkett’s best-selling book, Business by the Book, has taught literally thousands of businesspeople how to transform their business and achieve true success in their marketplace. Now  available in a 6 session (1 hour each) DVD workshop format! It can be used as a self-study or in a seminar/group setting.

Former Crown President, Dave Rae, will be your guide through learning these principles. As the former President of Apple Canada, he offers a wealth of experience and insight into what it takes to make your business successful in the marketplace! 


Please contact your Crown representative for more information on the products that are available in your country


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